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Stain Interior Logs or Wood Paneling

Note: Below is a quick synopsis, for detailed product information and application guides go to our product pages and application guides on our website.

Caution: Waterborne oil based coatings such as Timber Pro can raise the grain on some harder grain wood species such as oak. Always order liquid samples to test for appropriateness of product and color.

Because interior woodwork is not exposed to sun and moisture,  you have more options as to your desired appearance. A penetrating transparent finish such as our Log & Siding Smooth Formula will result in a more natural look. Our Crystal Urethane delivers a more wipe-able “fine furniture” type finish. Whatever option you choose, your job should start with a clean dust-and spore free surface. If you have leftover wood pieces, we always recommend sampling colors and looks because once the interior is stained it is very hard to change the color later on.

Option 1 – Log & Siding Smooth Formula

The most natural looking finish on interior woodwork would be our penetrating Log & Siding Smooth Formula. It is achieved with one or two coats in Clear,  microtint clears, or transparent colors.  One or two coats  will seal the wood and enhance the color and grain. This penetrating formula is extremely low VOC (odor) and will result in a natural fairly matte finish.  Two coats may dry with a slight sheen.  Some wood species, fir and spruce especially, do not take the stain very evenly and we recommend a very light pre-coat of our clear formula to act as a sanding sealer and reduce blotchiness when the transparent color coat is applied over it.

Option 2 – Crystal Urethane

For a more finished look use Crystal Urethane. It is a very durable, hard film urethane that comes in gloss, semi-gloss, or satin sheen. Crystal Urethane does not yellow nor does it deepen the color of your walls or logs. The wood stays its original color and the urethane provides a satiny, easy to damp wipe surface. This works well especially on round logs where the top curve of the logs will need regular dusting or cleaning.  The more coats you apply the more durable the finish.  The first coat of urethane on bare wood will soak in deeply so it will take one or two additional coats to build a nice deep protective film.

Option 3 – Log & Siding Smooth Formula and top coat with Crystal Urethane

To enhance the interior color and give your smooth interior logs a fine furniture finish, you could choose to apply a single coat of either the Clear, Micro-Tint or Transparent tone of Log & Siding Smooth Formula to deepen and highlight the color of your logs. Some woods (such as fir and spruce) absorb the stain a bit unevenly and result in blotchy appearance, consider applying  a light first coat of Log & Siding Formula Smooth in clear, and then top it with a Micro-Tint or transparent color coat after which will result in the color being more even.  Once this penetrating stain coat is dry you could then apply 2 to 3 coats of Crystal Urethane over the top, giving your logs that wipe-able surface and a finished furniture look.