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Seal Concrete Ponds and Tanks

Note: Below is a quick synopsis. For detailed product information and application guides, go to our product pages and application guides on our website.

Internal Concrete Sealer (ICS) is excellent for concrete ponds, tanks, and cisterns because it is nontoxic and all the sealing action takes place deep within the pores of the concrete, not on the surface.

Once the bare, unsealed concrete is clean, apply one heavy coat of ICS to the concrete. This can be done with a pump sprayer, brush or roller. Make sure to spread the product evenly, and not to let it puddle. Once the ICS is dry on the surface (6-12 hours), a test can be done in a small spot to see if a second coat will absorb. If second coat test absorbs and dries without a gummy residue, than continue with the second coat over the entire surface.

If applying to tanks with potable water, or ponds containing water, it is important to let the ICS cure for 30 days before filling with water. During the curing process, the concrete may push out efflorescence (a powdery substance that is present in concrete) onto the surface. This substance is alkaline and can affect the pH of the water. Rinse or mop off this powdery residue and adjust PH of the water if needed once pond or tank is filled with water. Note: Beware, ICS can also push out color if the concrete mix had colorant added.