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Mass Timber Coatings

The mass timber market is growing at a rapid pace.  Sealing and protecting mass timbers whether they are CLT panels, glulam beams, mass plywood, and even solid wood timbers is now recommended and common practice.  Timber Pro’s LS/S Formula is rapidly becoming a popular mass timber protective coating and was chosen above all others for the Portland Airport nine acre mass timber ceiling, the largest mass timber project in the US currently .  This coating is so much more than just a temporary “factory finish”.

This waterborne natural oil finish is super low VOC (34 gpl) , contains no Red List ingredients, is remarkably durable, and is high in solids (non evaporative ingredients) . The wood is sealed so airborne dirt and pollution from the construction process will not absorb, nor will it absorb moisture from direct rain exposure and high humidity environments. The tinted transparent colors will also provide UV protection.  The LS/S Formula will last for years on interior glulams and CLT or MPP , long beyond just the construction phase. Exterior exposed mass timbers will need maintenance re-coating but this product is very durable.  

Timber Pro Coatings are manufactured in Oregon, one of the early epicenters of the mass timber world and we are very proud to be the US’s top manufacturer of protective mass timber coatings.  

Sold factory direct from our manufacturing facility in Portland, Or and shipped nationwide. 

Timber Pro LS/S Formula is available in 74 colors and we can also customize and create new tones. The colors below are the most popular on glulams.  

clear on fir pdx white on fir wheat on fir myrtlewood on fir
clear on pine blush on pine pdx white on pine wheat on pine

This 9 acre mass timber ceiling for the Portland International Airport is a internationally recognized project. Our LS/S Formula was chosen by ZGF Architecture to coat and protect these timbers that took 3 years to erect outdoors in a large lot next to the airport. The glulams were exposed to rain, freezing rain, 118 degree temps, and lots of airborne dirt, dust, and jet and car exhaust pollution.  One coat of Clear LS/S and one coat of PDX White LS/S successfully kept these beams protected . 

This beautiful mass timber building is called Latona Station and sits on the waterfront of Lake Union in Seattle. These glulams and posts were coated with one coat of Clear LS/S and a second coat of PDX White LS/S to keep the wood light.

The new Los Altos Community Center in California, they stained their beams with our color called Woodlands LS/S to give it a nice rich warm tone.

This amazing timber frame home in Colorado chose a transparent tone called Woodlands to stain and seal their Fir timber beams. 

The Hallie Ford Center building at University of Oregon . They simply clear coated all the interior beams and columns.

Timber frame pavilion built by Frameworks Plus, Inc.  Cross timbers stained with Chestnut LS/S.  Cedar ceiling boards sealed with our Clear LS/S Formula.