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Internal Concrete Sealer

Timber Pro UV Internal Concrete Sealer

Architects: Click here for PDF of architectural specificationsFinally, a Permanent, Non-Toxic Concrete Waterproofer

Introducing the best concrete sealer and water proofer! Now, with only two coats, you can invisibly seal and waterproof masonry, including Portland cement, Shotcrete, standard stucco, and cement mortar.

Internal Concrete Sealer will:

  • Seal concrete walls and floors
  • Seal sidewalks
  • Seal foundations and basement walls
  • Seal concrete tanks, ponds, and fountains
  • Seal concrete zoo and animal enclosures
  • Seal concrete bridges and dams


Internal Concrete Sealer’s Unique Advantages

  • Nontoxic, zero VOC, odorless
  • Leaves no visible appearance
  • Permanently increases density and waterproofs
  • Holds a hydrostatic head, retards penetration of acids
  • Retards pitting, dusting, and rutting
  • Enables easier removal of snow and ice
  • Increases bonding of any top coating (paint, tile, mastic etc) by 300%
  • Use above or below grade as hardener and water proofer
  • Increases compressive and flexural strength

Do your basement walls or floors always seem damp in the wet months, resulting in a moldy smell? Concerned about freeze-thaw damage? Perhaps a powdery efflorescence is leaching from your concrete walls? Concrete is porous and will absorb water, which shortens its life span and can contribute to other problems. Many concrete sealers are just surface treatments that don’t address moisture deep within the concrete. This non-toxic, deeply penetrating concrete sealer can resolve or prevent moisture problems for years.

ICS is non-toxic clear, water like solution. It has zero VOC’s, is odorless, and is easily brushed or sprayed onto surfaces. It absorbs and has a chemical reaction with the alkali that exists in concrete. That chemical reaction causes a gel to form, which then hardens to glass crystal and fills all the pores within the concrete substrate. This silicate crystalline material remains permanently imbedded in the pores, making the concrete so dense that it is impenetrable. It leaves no visible film or evidence of water repellency on the surface. This enables easier bonding of an additional surface sealer such as our Masonry Top Sealer, concrete paint or other coverings such as tile, flooring, or any other covering. ICS extends paint life by 300%.

As the gel forms and then starts to crystallize it may push out contaminates such as excess alkali, oil residue, animal urine, or fungi etc. These surface contaminates, should they occur, can then be chemically cleaned off or pressure-washed away. If water is coming through the concrete through cracks or at cold joints, please note that ICS is not crack filler, but it is an excellent first step to waterproofing walls and concrete floors prior to filling cracks and sealing cold joints.

Not for use on colored or stained masonry surfaces, as the color may be affected. Not for use on aggregate, CMU block, or natural stone.

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