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Seal Aggregate Patios, Patio Pavers and Concrete Patios or Walkways

Note: Below is a quick synopsis. For detailed product information and application guides go to our product pages and application guides on our website.

Note: the two following products are not appropriate for aggregate or pavers that vehicles will be parked on due to hot tire pick up limitations.

Option 1 – Seal the surface with Masonry Top Sealer (MTS)

Keep your aggregate patio and walkways and concrete pavers water and stain repellant with Masonry Top Sealer (MTS). Clean first either by pressure washing or use our Clean & Brite outdoor cleaner. Let surface dry for at least two warm days before treating. You may need to replace sand between pavers which generally escapes after a good cleaning. Apply one liberal coat of MTS, a milky liquid that dries clearly and invisibly. MTS helps keep the masonry clean and water repellant for us to two years, considerably longer than many retail brands. It has only 12 gpl VOC’s so it extremely eco-safe.

Option 2: Enhance the color and add sheen with Paver Stain

Choose Paver Stain in clear or a transparent color tone to seal and enhance the appearance of your aggregate or paver surfaces. One or two coats of Paver Stain applied to clean bare patios, pavers, or concrete walkways will richen the color and seal the surface, repelling stains and water. Two coats of Paver Stain is best on rougher surfaces such as pavers, and definitely gives the more “oiled sheen” appearance.