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Seal Concrete Walls, Foundations & Basements

Note: Below is a quick synopsis. For detailed product information and application guides go to our product pages and application guides on our website.

Internal Concrete Sealer (ICS) is ideal for the permanent waterproofing of concrete foundations and basements. Most products will peel, blister, and fail due to hydrostatic pressure, but ICS is different. ICS absorbs into the concrete slab and a chemical reaction takes place, creating a glass crystalline structure that fills the pores of the concrete. The crystals remain permanently imbedded preventing water absorption due to the increased density.

It is first important to make sure the concrete is free of any adhesives, paints, sealers, or anything that would impede the penetration of the product into the concrete. If the concrete is old and crumbling, please call us for assistance.

Once the concrete is clean, apply one heavy coat of ICS to the concrete. This can be done with a pump sprayer, brush or roller. Make sure to spread the product evenly, and not to let it puddle. Once the ICS is dry on the surface (6-12 hours), a small patch test with a 2nd coat should be applied. If second coat test absorbs and leaves no gummy residue than continue with second coat.

Allow the ICS to cure for 3-4 weeks before applying paint, flooring adhesive or any other top coat product.