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Seal A New Deck

Note: Below is a quick synopsis, for detailed product information and application guides go to our product pages and application guides on our website.

Option 1 – Clean the deck and apply two coats of Deck & Fence Formula stain/sealer.

Clean well with Clean & Brite to remove construction dirt, dust, and spores. Sand after cleaning with 80 grit sandpaper to open up the grain and remove the mill glaze. Sanding is an important step on new decking because it enables deck stains and sealers to penetrate and dry without blotchiness. Sweep or blow off sanding dust and then apply two coats of our Deck & Fence Formula. We recommend our Microtint color series stain for brand new decking.

Option 2 – Let the new deck weather a few months, then clean and stain it.

Leaving an unprotected new deck exposed to weather for a few months will result in the wood opening up and the mill glaze to wear off on its own with enough exposure. Clean the deck with Clean & Brite and then apply two coats of Deck & Fence Formula. Note: If the new deck was installed in the hottest, sunniest part of the year, leaving it unprotected for even a few weeks can result in warping and cracking due to no UV protection. This option is also risky for decks built in a wetter climates during cooler months due to mildew spore contamination. Mildew will show up as black spots which are tricky to remove with just a cleaner and may require using Strip & Brite to clean if mildew is turning black.

Option 3 – Clean and then treat the new deck with Internal Wood Stabilizer (IWS)

Clean the deck with Clean & Brite, rinse well well and let it dry for a minimum of five days. Once dry, apply two coats of Internal Wood Stabilizer (IWS). IWS is a clear, watery solution that can be applied to newer wood and is a non toxic, permanent waterproofer. Once applied, this waterproofing solution is invisible to the eye, but will double the life of your deck. IWS contains no color or sunscreen so the wood may eventually turn gray from sun exposure. IWS is the product best suited for those who do not want to clean and stain their deck every year or two and do not care if the wood turns gray. IWS will preserve the wood and prevent rot. Decks treated with IWS cannot be stained later, the stain will not penetrate as intended. Note: IWS cannot be applied to pressure treated wood or wood that has previously been sealed.