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New Logs or Log Siding

Note: Below is a quick synopsis, for detailed product information and application guides go to our product pages and application guides on our website.

New, Smooth Milled Logs or D-Log Siding

Smooth Logs or milled Log Siding will require more preparation for staining, and more frequent maintenance coating. Milled Logs do not absorb as much stain as hand hewn logs or character logs.

Pressure wash (1500 PSI or less) using proper technique to remove construction dirt and airborne contaminants such as live mildew spores.  An alternative to pressure washing would be to clean with our Clean & Brite formula along with a light scrubbing and hose rinsing. Once dry, sand each log in the same direction as the grain with 60-80 grit sandpaper to remove the mill glaze. Do not use finer grit sandpaper, it is counterproductive.  Rinse off the sanding dust thoroughly taking care to remove sanding dust from cracks and crevices. Note: check with log home supplier, logs may have already been sanded prior to delivery,  if so  then just wash prior to staining.

Once dry after cleaning and sanding, consider using Timbor (borate bug treatment) if your home is in an area where wood boring insects are problematic. Timbor is available for purchase on Stain shortly after to seal it in,  exposure to rain will rinse off  borate treatment.  Next, apply Log & Siding Smooth Formula, in color of your choice, working full lengths of the logs from the bottom up, and back brushing thoroughly to smooth out and work the stain into the wood , cracks, and crevices.  Apply 2 coats on the exterior, and if you choose a Micro-Tint or Transparent color of our stain then we recommend a third light coat of Clear in the Log & Siding Smooth Formula.

Hand Hewn or Character Logs

Logs must be clean and free of all construction dirt, dust, and airborne contaminants, especially live mildew spores. Logs must be pristine before treating.  Pressure wash the logs using proper technique, and if you are in a mildew prone area we recommend spraying the logs first with our Clean & Brite formula prior to pressure washing which will also kill mildew spores if they are present.  If you cannot pressure wash, you may just use the Clean & Brite along with a good scrubbing and hose rinsing. Once clean, let the logs dry to 22% moisture or less before staining.

Consider applying Timbor, a borate treatment after cleaning if the home is in an area where wood boring insects are problematic.  Timbor can be purchased on Very soon after, apply stain because a borate treatment will wash off  if it rains.  Apply two coats of our Log & Siding Formula in the color of your choice.  If you choose a transparent or Micro-Tint color, then we recommend a final third coat of Clear Log & Siding “Smooth” Formula. This is not required if you use a semi-trans or semi-solid color, but on the transparent colors this light third coat of clear will extend the life of the color coats.