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Seal Concrete Patios, Walkways, Fountains, and Birdbaths

Note: Below is a quick synopsis. For detailed product information and application guides, go to our product pages and application guides on our website.

Option 1 –  Internal Concrete Sealer (ICS)

Apply 1-2 coats of Internal Concrete Sealer (ICS) to bare, untreated, uncolored concrete (Note: do not apply ICS to aggregate, as it can leave a whitish film on the stones). This permanent non- toxic waterproofer will permanently prevent water absorption into untreated portland cement type concrete. It is clear and colorless and leaves no visible effect. ICS may push out excess alkali (white powdery residue) for a few weeks as it cures. This may be washed off if desired.

Option 2 –  Masonry Top Sealer

Protect your bare, masonry surfaces with Masonry Top Sealer (MTS). This one-coat treatment is a strong water holdout sealer.  It is clear and colorless and does not leave a sheen or slippery film. It contains only 12 grams per liter VOCs, so is very eco-safe. It can be applied to colored or uncolored bare concrete, aggregate, terracotta, and concrete type stucco. Apply this milky watery  liquid to very dry, clean, bare, un-sealed masonry, allowing it to soak up as much as it is able. Once dry it is not visible and does not change the appearance. Do not apply a second coat. Smooth out all puddles and allow it to dry to the touch. MTS is not intended for surfaces on which vehicles will be parked.