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Crystal Urethane

Timber Pro UV Crystal Urethane

Architects: Click here for PDF of architectural specificationsBridging the performance gap between oil and water-based urethanes, Crystal Urethane blends bio-preferred oils and acrylic to create a uniquely clear product that is perfect for achieving a deep, beautiful finish. Crystal Urethane can be used on all of your interior woodwork, from baseboards to ceilings. It creates a rich, durable surface that is ideal for wood walls, ceilings, trim and doors.

TimberPro’s Crystal Urethane Unique Advantages:

  • Unlike conventional polyurethanes, Crystal Urethane is non-yellowing-Better impact and mar resistance than acrylics
  • Fast drying; can re-apply in 1-3 hours
  • Low odor and non-flammable, water clean up
  • Does not darken wood, wood stays original color
  • Can be applied over Timber Pro stains or solvent-borne wiping stains
  • Low VOC, only 74 grams per liter
  • Available in Satin, Semi-gloss, or Gloss

Additional Product Information:
Crystal Urethane Application Guide
Crystal Urethane SDS
Crystal Urethane Brochure

Crystal Urethane bridges the performance gap between high V.O.C solvent-borne oil based urethanes, and water-based acrylic clear wood finishes. This is “green” coating technology at its finest, the beauty and durability of an oil based urethane, without the yellowing, fumes, and flammability. Crystal Urethane is a complex blend of water-borne renewable oil resins and acrylic nano-particle resins that address all the needs of protecting and finishing interior wood.


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