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Restore Older Existing Wood Siding

Note: Below is a quick synopsis, for detailed product information and application guides go to our product pages and application guides on our website.

Option 1 – Restore it completely

Existing siding that has not been maintained on a regular basis can deteriorate to a point where a simple “wash and re-stain” is not sufficient. Most likely, older siding will have discolored very patchy, with the original color still intact up under eaves, to very dark or even gray color in more exposed areas.  The only way to bring the siding back to a uniform, clean, bare wood color is to use a chemical stripper such as Strip & Brite, a two-part strip and brighten process which involves scrubbing and hose rinsing or pressure washing. Some opt to have their siding professionally media blasted with walnut shell, corn cob, or even soda blasted. Once the siding is clean and uniform, then you can apply two coats of Log & Siding Formula in the color of your choice.

If you go with a Micro-Tint or Transparent color, then we recommend a third top coat of our Clear Log & Siding Smooth Formula to extend the longevity of the transparent colors. Note: Some previous applied stains may not strip off in the unexposed areas if they were an acrylic stain.  We suggest ordering a sample of Strip & Brite to make sure it will remove your prior stain.

Option 2 – Clean only and re-stain

If your siding is in reasonably good condition, just dirty, faded, and dry looking it may be possible to just clean it and re-stain without totally stripping it back to bare. Our Clean & Brite formula will kill spores and clean and brighten the siding, but it won’t strip off previously applied stain unless that stain is very loose and the scrubbing or pressure washing action removes it. If you plan to apply the Timber Pro Log & Siding Formula over another stain, the prior stain must be compatible or at least not resisting water penetration anymore. Longevity and durability of a stain is dependent on how well it absorbs. If the siding is not completely uniform in color after it is cleaned, consider using one of our semi-transparent or semi-solid colors that will hide the uneven color much better.