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Seal Brick Siding

Bricks are very rough and bumpy and this surface can trap dirt resulting in mildew buildup or discoloration. Learn how to care for your brick siding and reduce the likelihood of mildew buildup.

Seal Natural Stone, Decorative Rock & Cultured Stone

If you’d like to give your stonework the “wet look” consider using our clear Paver Stain.

Seal Aggregate Patios, Patio Pavers and Concrete Patios or Walkways

Keep your patio and walkways in great shape with these tips for staining, sealing and water-repelling the outdoor concrete around your home.

Seal Concrete Patios, Walkways, Fountains, and Birdbaths

Protect your bare, masonry surfaces with Masonry Top Seal (MTS)  product. This one coat only formula is a strong “water resist” surface sealer.

Seal Concrete Ponds and Tanks

Internal Concrete Sealer (ICS) is excellent for ponds, tanks, and cisterns because it is non toxic and all the sealing action takes place deep within the pores of the concrete, not on the surface.

Seal Concrete Driveways and Garage Floors

Internal Concrete Sealer (ICS) is an excellent sealer for driveways and garage floors. ICS helps prevent damage incurred from freeze-thaw cycles, and it stabilizes the concrete and permanently prevents water absorption from below or above grade.

Seal Concrete Walls, Foundations & Basements

Internal Concrete Sealer (IC) is ideal for the permanent waterproofing of concrete foundations and basements. Most products will peel, blister, and fail due to hydrostatic pressure, but ICS is different.

Seal Wood Docks and Bridges

Timber Pro’s Internal Wood Stabilizer is non-toxic it is the perfect sealer to use in wood that will be in constant contact with water.

Seal Garden Bed Boxes, Wood Chicken Coops, Bird Houses & Dog Houses

Protect your outdoor wooden features such as garden beds, chicken coops, bird houses and dog houses with these tips.

Stain Wood Beams, Trim & Wood Ceilings

Make sure your investment in your wood home pays off by protecting the interior wood features with these tips on sealing and staining your wood beams, trim and ceilings.